The Port of Eastport is served by two outstanding Piloting Services, Eastport Pilots and Quoddy Pilots USA. Both operations have the experience and expertise to safely guide your vessel in and out of the Port of Eastport.

Captain Morrison and Captain Peacock are both proud Maine Maritime Academy graduates with several years experience piloting many various vessels of type and size to include cargo vessels, supertankers and military vessels. Between the two, Captain Morrison and Peacock have proudly serviced the Port of Eastport for decades. As a result, although this service is not one under the auspices of the Eastport Port Authority, if needed, we are willing to assist in communication to facilitate your needs.

Eastport Pilots USA

Capt. Gerald Morrison
54 Gleason Cove Rd
Perry, Maine 04667

Quoddy Pilots USA

Capt. Robert Peacock
99 Tollbridge Rd
Eastport, Maine 04631