Breakwater Terminal

The Eastport Breakwater Terminal has berthing for a vessel up to 700 ft. An equipment maintenance shop, the Eastport Port Authority office, US Customs, and Coast Station Eastport are located just off the pier. The downtown Fish Pier berths the Port's two tugboats, Ahoskie and Pleon, on the North side, and has slips for transient boats on the South side. Approach depths to the Breakwater are over 100 feet and the mean low water depth is 42 feet. The Breakwater is also used by the aquaculture industry, commercial fishermen, and recreational boaters and fishermen. Located at the downtown area of Eastport, the Breakwater offers cruise ships a direct docking within close proximity to all of Eastport's offerings.

We have a new camera system that we have opened to the public for online Breakwater viewing. Please feel free to use the following link to access the camera system. The username is 'guest' and the password is '#Cameras'. The first time you use the camera system it will have you download and install a small safe application. Enjoy!

username: guest
password: #Cameras

Estes Head Cargo Terminal

Estes Head Cargo Terminal can accommodate a ship of 900 feet in Berth A and one up to 550 feet in Berth B. Berth B is also an excellent berth for barges. EHCT's 55 acre site has several open storage areas, three 20,000 square foot, drive-thru warehouses, and one 43,000 square foot warehouse. The operations are easily supervised from the Federal Marine Terminals' office located just above the Estes Head pier. Approach depths to this pier are also well in excess of 100 feet and the mean low water depth is 64 feet. The Breakwater and Estes Head are top facilities to ship your product or berth your vessel.

Virtual Tour

The Orb Tour videos available below require Apple Quicktime software to run correctly. If you do not have Apple Quicktime, you can download and install it from this link.